a bride and groom dressed in traditional Yoruba attire, surrounded by family and friends in a beautifully decorated venue.

Yoruba Tradition Wedding in Texas

Yoruba weddings are rich in culture and tradition, and when celebrated in Texas, they bring a unique blend of Nigerian heritage and Texan charm. Planning such a wedding requires attention to detail, especially when it comes to adhering to Yoruba customs while incorporating Texan elements. Here's a guide on the dos and don'ts when planning a Yoruba Nigerian wedding in Texas, including insights into Yoruba bride price traditions.

Incorporating Yoruba Culture in a Texan Wedding

Texan weddings are known for their grandeur and hospitality, but when blending them with Yoruba traditions, it's essential to maintain cultural authenticity. From the attire to the ceremony, every aspect should reflect the couple's Yoruba heritage.

Traditional Yoruba Attire

For the bride, adorning herself in a stunning gele (head tie) and iro and buba (wrapper and blouse) is customary. Grooms often opt for agbada, a flowing robe, paired with fila (cap) and danshiki (shirt). Encourage guests to embrace traditional attire as well, adding to the cultural ambiance.

Yoruba Ceremony Customs

Incorporate traditional Yoruba wedding customs into the ceremony, such as the reading of the Alaga Ijoko's prayer, tying of the gele, and presentation of the bride price (known as "owo ori"). These rituals symbolize the union of two families and the blessings bestowed upon the newlyweds.

Dos and Don'ts for Planning


- Research Yoruba Traditions: Familiarize yourself with Yoruba wedding customs to ensure authenticity and respect.
- Consult with Elders: Seek guidance from elders or community leaders to understand the significance of each ritual.
- Personalize the Ceremony: Infuse personal touches into the wedding to reflect the couple's journey and aspirations.


- Overlook Cultural Sensitivities: Avoid cultural appropriation by respecting the sanctity of Yoruba traditions.
- Neglect Communication: Keep lines of communication open with vendors and guests to ensure everyone understands the cultural significance of the event.
- Compromise on Authenticity: Strive to maintain the authenticity of Yoruba customs while accommodating Texan wedding traditions.

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